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  • Video Monitoring

  • A BAX Security video monitored 24/7 ensures your peace of mind.

    From only $10/hour, your security is monitored by trained and bonded staff.

    Police, fire, and medical aid can be dispatched immediately.

    Your BAX security system is capable of monitoring…

    • 24/7 video recording
    • Live video monitoring
    • Can be installed in multiple sites with geographically dispersed locations
    • Visual verification of every alarm
    • Tracking of activity with archive filing
    • Incident reports including associated recorded video
    • Management ready
    • Admissible in court
    • Protect sensitive areas i.e. rooftops, inventory, fenced areas, bulk storage etc.
    • Quick police response
    • Can’t be intimidated
    • Doesn’t sleep
    • Doesn’t need breaks
    • Cover multiple areas at the same time
    • Integrate with existing alarmed access control i.e. doors and windows
    • A professional engaged at all times
    • Monitor from anywhere in the world