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  • Guardian Alert 911

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    The Guardian Alert 911 is the world’s first personal emergency response system (PERS) that contains two-way voice communication in the pendant. By pressing a single button, the Guardian Alert 911 automatically dials local emergency 911 dispatch. The user will be able to communicate directly to the emergency operator through the pendant.



    • Two-way voice communication in cordless pendant
    • Water resistant pendant
    • Pendant is powered by AAA Alkaline battery
    • System test and battery test functions
    • Audible confirmations through pendant during dialing, shutdown, and system tests
    • Auto standby after 4 minutes of inactivity

    There are no monthly fees associated with the Guardian Alert 911. Once the unit is plugged into a power outlet and an active landline it is ready to use. The medical pendant operates off of a battery for up to one year of stand-by time. The medical pendant has extended range allowing coverage in the home and into the surrounding yard.

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