Finance Your Security SystemTo make things easier for you and your home, we now offer financing so you can purchase and maintain your security system with affordable monthly payments and lower interest rates than most credit cards.

From no interest equal monthly payments to low interest rates, you now have the ability to pick how long you will need to pay off your purchase, at a rate that’s based on the selected term and your credit score.

Alarm companies have traditionally given systems away for “free,” in exchange for your signature on long term contracts. Their goal is to hide the fees of the system in the monitoring itself, which forces consumers to overpay for alarm monitoring. BAX Security’s goal of total transparency. No hidden fees, no hidden “gotchas!” – just a company that does exactly what they say they will do.

While most companies do not lower the fees of their customers once they have paid enough in alarm monitoring costs to cover the system, BAX Security’s partnership means that once a customer that has financed their system has paid it off in full. The only continued fee that will have to be paid is the cost of the monitoring – which is the same low price as it has always been!

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