Alarm GSM Communicator

Many people believe that their home or office is equipped with the most effective security system. They want to think that they are one step ahead of the bad guys and that their standard home security system is enough to keep their family and their possessions safe. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

What happens if the thief cuts the phone line? Your phone lines are conveniently located outside the house and most burglars first cut the phone lines before breaking in. Security signals cannot reach the central monitoring station or the emergency response team if the phone line is not operational. The siren will go off as per normal, but the alarm panel cannot contact the central station to report the break in. At this point, the alarm system owner is depending solely upon the siren to scare the thieves away. This is a growing problem.

BAX Security offers a variety of GSM cellular alarm communicators for any application. They provide a great way to keep alarm system active. Because the signal is relayed through the air, it is difficult for the average burglar to even try to stop the security monitoring station from receiving it.