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    When a Free Security System is a lousy deal… Many alarm companies claim their systems are “Free” — IF you sign a three-year contract you “only” pay the monthly monitoring fee.

    They don’t want you to know how expensive their so-called “free” system is…





    “Free” Alarm System BAX basic system
    Door/Window Contacts 2 2-3
    Interior Siren 1 1
    Motion Detector 1 1
    Keypad 1 1
    Package Cost $ 0 $ 300
    Monitoring Cost per Month $ 25 $ 7.50(first year)-$15
    Total Cost for 36 Months $ 900 $ 750
    Total Cost Difference $ 150 more than BAX Security Best Value

    With BAX Security you save $120 per year and you own the equipment . Nobody can take it from you, because there is no lease.

    While we do not agree with free systems… we believe in FREE Offers